Puraran English and Surfing campus

Our courses

Puraran English school Program All

Program All

from $560 per week

English 4 hours a day, six days a week
Surfing 6 days a week
Explore Philippines
Inclusive accommodation and breakfast

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Puraran English school Program Sport

Program Sport

From $469 per week

Surfing 6 days a week
Explore Philippines
Inclusive accommodation and breakfast
No Enlgish classes !!!


Puraran English and Surfing School Accommodation Bungalow

Bulngalow with the sea view. Great accommodation option in Puraran. Your private space on the private beach. What else can you wish for after a surfing day?

Puraran English and Surfing School Accommodation Main Building

Traditional building on the beach with a lobby for students on the first floor.Each room on the 1st floor has a separate entrance from the yard.

Puraran English and Surfing School

Beach, surfing, and English!

English and surfing school Puraran was established in 2014 by Mr. Konson Del Barrio and is one of this kind schools in the world.

Puraran English school is a place where optimists, romantic and adventurous people gather together. Combining English language training, sports, beach holidays, entertainment and excursions in one place, the Puraran English school opens its arms to all those who aspire to gain new knowledge, develop skills, and to entertain themselves in an interesting and useful way. Your vacations will be filled with unforgettable travels, adventures, romanticism, and will also benefit your body, mind, and soul.

Message from the owner

“The idea of this camp is to help the students in their languages skills, make them confident and teach them a new sport in a vacation setting in a manner that they will be happy.” Conz del Barrio, founder of Puraran English and Surf School.

Why study English with us?

Our method of teaching English is unique, developed personally by Mr. Del Barrio. For every student, we select an individual training program, depending on their preferences – more language practice, more surfing lessons, or, more often, leisure and entertainment. English lessons are happening right on the beach.

Who will enjoy studying English with us the most?

Puraran English and Surf School is not a traditional language school, we provide our students with a range of services: the opportunity to learn English, combining training with beach recreation and sports, excursions, entertainment. We do everything to ensure that our students can enjoy while they study English and enjoy their vacation. Upon completion of the language course, we do not issue any certificates, but we guarantee a high quality of teaching English for relatively little money!

Puraran English school is for adventurous people. Join our adventure and improve your English skills.

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