Selected language courses to meet all your demands.

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We handpicked English Schools to meet everyone's needs . From ``sparta`` courses to relaxing beach and surfing experience .

We are all different and one size doesn’t fit all.

That’s why we combined schools that can satisfy your particular style of learning.

We selected the best English schools that provide top English course for YOU. Our selected top English courses will meet all your demands. Any of these courses will improve your English ability. To get the most and to achieve the best results you need to be honest with yourself and choose the school that fits you perfect English learning expectations

Does the best English school exist?

Yes it does!

There is the best English school for you.

There is the best English school for me.

There is the best English school for everyone.

Then why do we have couple of schools, not just one?

Because the best English school for you and the best English school for me might be different.

Choosing the best English course is like choosing a meal at the restaurant – if you are vegetarian the best steak in the world wouldn’t be the best meal for you. And if you are a meat lover the most sophisticated vegetarian dish will leave you with the feeling that you want something else Here you can find the top English courses that will leave every person satisfied, happy, and move you closer to what you want so much – being fluent in English.

Choose English school that fits YOUR style of learning and your expectations.

If you find it difficult to organize yourself to study and need strict schedule and supervision to make most of your studies, we recommend Sparta course.

Sparta English course.

Your day will be scheduled from 7 am to 9 pm and every single minute is filled with English.

If you like to meet new people and practice with them what you’ve learnt in the classroom, we recommend Paradise English school.

Paradise English school.

Here on Boracay you can go to classes in the morning, enjoy paradise like beach and meet people from all over the world in the afternoon and experience mind blowing parties at night.

If you want to experience living in American family, experience culture and habits of American people, ETHOS will be best fit for you.

ETHOS English school Cebu.

All teacher in ETHOS are Americans. You can live in American family and speak, eat, and sleep like American. But it’s even better, because this American school is located in the tropical Philippines.

If you up for adventure, want to learn how to surf and study English between your surfing lessons Puraran School if made just for you.

Puraran Surfing & English School

Experience surfing with the champions, live like a real surfer on the beach in local bungalow, study English and explore wild beauty of the Philippines.

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