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Book a course with Paradise English Boracay

See the best English courses from Paradise English. Study on the beach at Canadian school.

Paradise English Boracay

Paradise English is a Canadian family-owned English Language center offering English courses in the Philippines on the Island of Boracay. It was established in 2005 and has grown at a rapid pace since its inception. Students from over 60 countries have attended our programs and more continue to join us each year. We firmly believe that with our Canadian, British and American teachers, we offer superior English Courses to our students at a price lower than any other language school in Canada, Australia or the US, and at a higher level of education than any language school in the Philippines.

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We are an accredited school with the Bureau of Immigration, Association of Accredited Schools in the Philippines and are affiliated with the British Council and Ascentis. Paradise English is proud to have been awarded the Student’s Choice Award by Language Bookings and the Customer Satisfaction Excellence Award by Language Course.

Taking English courses in the Philippines, especially on a tropical island, makes us like no other language school anywhere else in the world. The presence of a strong international community and a wide selection of interesting off-campus activities complement our push towards fun in learning, in a location that was repeatedly ranked the world’s best island, and voted the world’s best Asian beach numerous times!

Book a course with ETHOS

See the best English courses from ETHOS Cebu. Live and study with Americans.

ETHOS English school Cebu

We are an American family business located in the Philippines. Although mainly an English school, we also offer values and ethics training for home and business, job-skills training, and public speaking. In addition, we provide English document editing and transcription overseen and edited by Americans.

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So far, we’ve had students from Canada, China, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and Spain! Come to ETHOS and receive American English instruction without the high cost and hassle of going to the USA!

Our name is an acronym and stands for Ethics To Help Others Succeed! Everything we do is designed to help our customers become better people and make a positive contribution in the world around them. (We all know the world could use more of that, right?)

Book a course with Puraran English and Surfing

See the best English courses from Puraran English&Surfing. Learn how to surf and study English

Puraran English and Surfing School

English and surfing school Puraran was established in 2014 by Mr. Konson Del Barrio and is one of this kind schools in the world.

Puraran English school is a place where optimists, romantic and adventurous people gather together. Combining English language training, sports, beach holidays, entertainment and excursions in one place, the Puraran English school opens its arms to all those who aspire to gain new knowledge, develop skills, and to entertain themselves in an interesting and useful way. Your vacations will be filled with unforgettable travels, adventures, romanticism, and will also benefit your body, mind, and soul.

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Puraran English and Surf School is not a traditional language school, we provide our students with a range of services: the opportunity to learn English, combining training with beach recreation and sports, excursions, entertainment. We do everything to ensure that our students can enjoy while they study English and enjoy their vacation. Upon completion of the language course, we do not issue any certificates, but we guarantee a high quality of teaching English for relatively little money!